4 min readMay 31, 2021
1 Year celebration of Crypto Revolution

With no doubts, Crypto Revolution is one of the biggest, most liked and fastest growing community which is highly noted for best conduction of AMAs, best provision of Crypto news, best Crypto Education, and provides best Crypto knowledge about different Projects.

The platform was founded by Danial Stefanov in 2020. According to him, he created the Crypto Revolution platform groups in 2020 end of May with less than 10 members. 🥺. He mentioned that, it wasn’t any easy task. He went through a lot of struggles to raise the community to where it is today. “It was hell of the Ride” he stated!

As at today, 30th May 2021,which marks exactly 1 year of the launch date of Crypto Revolution, the community is now filled up with over 52,000 and counting active members across the World!.

This is unbelievable! Danail Stefanov is a whole inspiration! He never gives but rather keeps working hard. 💪This achievement is a massive celebration. We the members in the community are so glad to have such an amazing, inspirational and talented founder.


ON 18th March 2021, i was hanging around my twitter account looking for an opportunity in crypto to earn some cool cash when I saw a tweet of someone praising and thanking Crypto Revolution for a 50$ gift that was given to him during a live AMA..I decided to follow up to see if it was real and upon my surprise i won 50$ USDT also in an AMA section with a crypto project. The joy was soo deep since it was my first time ever winning anything online. So i decided to stick to the community forever!


First of all Crypto Revolution has been a blessing to me and i’m forever grateful. My goal for joining the telegram platform of Crypto Revolution was to each some cool cash for asking questions during live AMA to cater for my basic needs. As we all know, money is difficult to come by of late so if there is a platform, that seeks too help people who have intelligent questions during AMA educate people on Crypto and provides best crypto news, why won’t i hold such platform strongly. Of course i will. Crypto Revolution delivers what it promises. In crypto Revolution, we help ourselves get to the top in the Crypto world and that is the main reason why i love Crypto Revolution soo much.

Secondly, in Crypto Revolution, the voice of the community is taken as a priority by the founder. He never messes with us. He always ensures that the community is satisfied first. Unlike the other AMA conducting groups, the founders care about themselves only and community less. I love the fact that in Crypto Revolution, the community is regarded to a larger extent.

The 3rd Reason why i love Crypto Revolution is the fact that we are always updated on crypto news and new imerging projects. NB: You won’t get this elsewhere! And i appreciate Crypto Revolution for that effort.

Fourthly, i love Crypto Revolution because after a a successful AMA with any project. They do not just dump the project 🥺. Yes! After giving a project over 50,000 member exposure, they still keep on supporting the project, and even keep posting issues related to the project on their platform. This is an amazing love. Crypto Revolution is the best. I personally call them “mother of all crypto community”

The last reason why i love Crypto Revolution is that, it paves way for socialization. I have made a lot of crypto friends through crypto Revolution platform. And I’m very grateful.


Danail Stefanov popularly know as Danny is a whole mood. He’s a good looking gentleman who is soo hard working and filled with innovative ideas. I love him because he’s a very honest man. He always delivers what he promises and never dissapoints his community

Also he’s undying desire for success and determination in life makes me like him so much. Due to his good characteristics he has a lot of fans.

On 28th January, he posted a picture on his twitter celebrating 5 years on twitter and he had already attained 10k followers. This is a great achievement and he deserves it because he is hard working.

He always ensures that there is peace in the community.Moreover he is soo kind and generous that, he organizes giveaways to random persons apart from the daily AMA reward. He shares what he has and this makes me like him more.

Finally, i like Danail Stefanov because, taking a look at his twitter page, i could see that he is someone who loves to have fun. Despite his dreams and determination, he still makes time for himself to have fun. This is a great motivation and message that proves the saying that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

To express gratitude on what the founder has done for the entire crypto world and especially me and also to Say a very big Happy birthday to Crypto Revolution, i have made this wonderful happy birthday youtube video for Crypto Revolution!

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