What are you still waiting for. The best ecommerce B2B platform for online sellers and Micro-Factories 2021 is here!! SOFO!!

Ongoing activities where you can earn SOFO 😊😍 along with BNB rewards in few competitions :

A) Telegram Quiz Contest : https://twitter.com/SOFO_TECH/status/1390941746587181057?s=20

B) Twitter Retweet Contest :https://twitter.com/SOFO_TECH/status/1390624576162336768?s=20

C) SOFO Meme & Sticker Contest : https://twitter.com/SOFO_TECH/status/1395342177979432964?s=20

D) Blockchain Sessions by SOFO : https://twitter.com/SOFO_TECH/status/1396744772019134464?s=20

E) SOFO Mega Airdrop Contest : https://twitter.com/SOFO_TECH/status/1393594545024102401?s=20

Do Participate in all promotions and grab SOFO 😍

Website : sofo.tech



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