SOFO is the easiest video app for B2B Ecommerce product sourcing, with a transactional credit rating system. SOFO App will help e-commerce online sellers to source products from micro-factories and sell on different marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. The app will have a video interface where micro-factory owners can post videos of their products and online sellers can discover products from the videos.

To get more insight into the project, here are the links:
Website :
Youtube :
Telegram :
Twitter :

Ongoing activities where you can earn SOFO 😊😍 along with BNB rewards in few competitions :

A) Telegram Quiz Contest :

B) Twitter Retweet Contest :

C) SOFO Meme & Sticker Contest :

D) Blockchain Sessions by SOFO :

E) SOFO Mega Airdrop Contest :

Do Participate in all promotions and grab SOFO 😍



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