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Keeping Up With Bitlorrent.
First of all What is the Purpose of Bitlorrent?

Bitlorrent intends to serve the future encrypted economy society. It is a blockchain project that consolidates a blockchain environment with cutting edge security. The main future of Bitlorrent token is payment solution of various giants e-commerce institutions. People can get service though our blockchain based payment solution.

When did Bitlorrent token and project introduced?

On 20th April, 2021, Bitlorrent was introduced to the whole world. A block article was posted across all social media platforms to announce and introduce the Bitlorrent project. The project was quickly accepted by the masses because of its aim and objectives.

What is the overall progress of Bitlorrent now?

Bitlorrent has started its self drop 1 which was a huge success. The self drop 1 ended on 25/05/2021
Bitlorrent selfdrop round 1 sold Bitlorrent tokens at the price of 0.25 USD per 1 token.
Bitlorrent ( BLT ) has listed on TarmEX on June 1st, 2021, at 10:00 UTC with
📈 Trading pair - BLT/BTC.. Find more details at:
Bitlorrent Selfdrop Round -2 has been started till 23/05/2021 at 11:59 PM UTC
With price 0.4USD per token.
The project is doing quiet well in its stages and can be said that, the project will be a huge success with no doubt. Currently Bitlorrent telegram community has over 45k subscribers. And increasing daily and daily.
The community has very serviceable administers.

What are the future plans of Bitlorrent?

1. To Opening Decentralized finance Exchange ( DEX) for autonomous and anonymous transaction. Used never need to sign up and verified their account, they can trade by only connecting their wallet addresses.
2. Launch mobile wallet app to store Bitlorrent Token, Bitcoin Eth, Xrp, and other top level coin with maximum security.
3. Introduce Application Programming Interface (API) system for giant E-commerce platform. And so on

Is Bitlorrent a good project to invest in or participate?

Yes i recommend Bitlorrent 100% especially for the purposes of Ecommerce and multi finance Exachange.If you are looking for a token to invest in, i recommend you the Bitlorrent token.. Find more information at Bitlorrent.io