🎉Hotbit is scheduled to list BLT (Bitlorrent) on Growing Section.

This message is quoted directly from Bitlorrent announcement channel

⏰Deposit function launches at: 2021.06.04 06:00 AM UTC
⏰Trading function launches at: 2021.06.04 08:00 AM UTC
💗Trading Pair: BLT/USDT

Project Name: Bitlorrent
Abbreviation: BLT
Project Introduction
Bitlorrent intends to serve the future encrypted economy society. It is a blockchain project that consolidates a blockchain environment with cutting edge security. The main future of Bitlorrent token is payment solution of various giants e-commerce institutions. People can get service though our blockchain based payment solution.

Token type: BEP-20
Total supply: 97,185,000 BLT
Circulating supply: 9,170,000 BLT

Official Website👉🏻https://bitlorrent.io




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