Hot Selfdrop Announcement

“We are very much pleased to announce that due to thousand of customer request we have decided to presale BLT token with the price 0.50 USD till hotbit trading start.

You can buy any amount of BLT ( price calculated based on BNB, 1 BLT = 0.0012 BNB).

Buying procedure:
Copy Bellow address Send any amount of BNB to this bellow address:


Than, fill up the google form

You will receive your BLT token after maximum 30 minutes.

The special selfdrop program will be end on tomorrow 04/06/2021, before the hotbit trading.

How to set up BLT token

Contract address:

Name : Bitlorrent
Symbol: BLT
Decimal: 18

Happy life with BLT

Stay safe.”

These were from the officials of Bitlorrent.. That’s a very great news. Guys take your chance now 😊

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